Cruises in the Norwegian fjords


Shore excursions in the Norwegian ports.

Norway is a gorgeous country, with several UNESCO World Heritage fjords, complete with waterfalls and mountain scenery. One of the best ways to discover the fjords is by cruise ship.
In days with cruise ship’s season, it might be quite crowdy in the ports. All attractive places are occupied with thousand tourists. However, Uniktur knows how to avoid crowds and make a shore excursion comfortable, unique and memorable.

Part of the fun of traveling is trying the local cuisine and drinks. With shore excursions Uniktur, our guests have the great chance to sample the region’s unique foods. Local markets in our ports sell different locally caught fish, and you can also taste elk, reindeer, whale. Waffles with jam made from Norwegian’s plentiful berries or the caramel-flavored brown goat’s cheese are the most popular treats for the guests.

In Geiranger, you can test a variety of chocolates made with local flavors — aquavit, beer. cloudberries, brown cheese — before purchasing some as a delicious souvenir.

Book the shore excursions to explore scenic waterfalls, steep serpentines of mountain roads, meet locals.

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Port Ålesund

port Ålesund

Port Geiranger

new shore excursion port Hellesylt

Port Hellesylt

shore excursions in the port Hellesylt with Uniktur

Port Molde

tours in Molde with Uniktur