Medieval Village Sunnmore

sunn mus fra fjord


Tour to the Sunnmøre Museum.

Norway is currently among the world’s richest countries, according to the World Bank. Looking back over history, people chart the rise of Norway that turned its fortunes around to become one of the most prosperous nations on the planet.
With this trip you will be taken several centuries back in time to the years where most Norwegians lived a hard life, often were very poor and lived from agriculture and fishing. You will learn all about it at the Sunnmøre Museum. You will walk through the open air part of the museum where 55 old houses are located in the original place of the first medieval market town of Borgund. Several exhibitions can be visited inside the main building and in the boathouse, you will learn how life in this part of Norway changed over the centuries.

Enjoy a stroll between the picturesque houses and the indoor exhibitions, and get an insight into the cultural and architectural history of Sunnmøre.

Sunnmøre Museum is a folk museum of the Norwegian coastal culture.

Small houses that provided shelter to the family in feasts and everyday life, cow sheds, houses for food storage, old schools and others can be seen. They are visible reminders of the daily work on farms and at sea – everything from mountain huts and barns to boathouses and fishermen’s shacks.

The price for an individual tour (up to 4 people) — 5500 NOK/3 hours. 

Price for tour in group is 650 NOK / person

Medieval Village Sunnmore