City walk

city walk in Ålesund with UnikturAmazing City Walk

Do not miss the chance to get acquainted with the most beautiful city of the Norwegian Kingdom. This excursion feels more like a friendly promenade:

  • “… there was no street under your feet 50 years ago as these buildings were surrounded by water, like in Venice….
  • … this beautiful area of Norwegian Venice was specially designed for fishermen. Take a closer look, those hokes still remain as a reminder of the tough times. Let’s go and discover what’s inside those houses nowadays…
  • “…If you do not accept the challenge to climb 418 steps to the very top of Aksla mountain, then follow me, I will show you one viewpoint where you can admire the city from a bird’s eye view…”

As we walk, chat and laugh, you discover this phoenix city, which rose from the ashes and today surprises us with flowers on the facades, encourages you to praise its beauty left and right.

Let us invite you to an amazing city tour. Our Unik – guide will take you through the town center.  Ålesund has an unusually consistent architecture – Art Nouveau. Most of these colorful houses and buildings have been built between 1904 and 1907, after the fire which destroyed over 800 houses in the city center in January 1904.

A guide will tell you story from ancient ages to modern life of Norwegians. Many miracle secrets will be uncovered during this trip. Be curious, ask the questions!
You will find out what to do in the town, where to eat, best prices for shopping etc.

Duration   2 hours. 

Private tour — 2000 NOK / 2 hours

Send request to book this tour now with a date of your visiting Ålesund

The best transport in Ålesund — is just your feet!

City walk