Help! Alesund is burning!

Every year in January, people in Ålesund mark sad memory day of the Alesund Great Fire. There is a lot of information on different blogs, sites, posts on the Internet about this accident. UNIKTUR local guides want to tell you unique facts about the fire in 1904. For hundred years eyewitnesses passed mouth by mouth legends to their descendants about that night.

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How it was.

Everything happened suddenly.  The fire started a quarter past 2 AM at Aspøya island in the Alesund Preserving factory, which was located near Alesund Church.

Can you guess: what the reason for the fire was?

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Mystical facts.

Never before and never after had the town such a strong hurricane.

Despite valiant efforts at suppression, the hard wind-driven fire destroyed much of the Alesund. In total, the fire destroyed nearly 900 houses, leaving approximately 200 houses remaining within the town borders. Can you guess, how many people died in this accident?

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However, one person left in his house in the surrounding of the fire area but survived. Why did this miracle happen? Who was that man?

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Ruins of city fire in Alesund/ Uniktur


Who is Ålesund Hero, Ålesund helper!

Huge support and aid were provided to Ålesund both from within Norway and from abroad.

The German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II had been traveled to the area and enjoyed fishing in near fjords. As a result, much of the international help was given by him. His first telegram was received while the fire was still being extinguished. He dispatched four ships loaded with personnel, food, medicine, materials for shelters and equipment.

Ålesund Stone Church was built by the sponsorship of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Ålesund Church was designed by Sverre Knudsen, and the first stone was laid down by King Haakon on the 7th in July 1906. The church was inaugurated in 1909, and was built in concrete, and dressed with marble from Northern Møre.

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 There’s also a 64-key organ, a gift from German Kaiser Wilhelm II, as well as church bells and a wooden ship that hangs from the ceiling

Alesund Church Uniktur

Alesund & Art Nouveau style 

The town was rebuilt in contemporary Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) style. Modern historians have concluded that the fire was actually positive in terms of city development. How long did it take them to rebuild a new town?

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