See how Norwegians celebrate Happy Advent!

There is an Advent time begins in Norway in early December. The main elements of the Norwegian Advent are the traditional meal, fairy lights and the people who are waiting for a miracle! Norway normally Lutheran country, so people are waiting for the coming of Christ.

Do not confuse, Advent is not a part of Christmas.

Norwegians call Christmas in a funny name – Jul.  But Norwegian Jul has nothing common with July. Christmas in Norway also celebrated on 24 December.

This year’s Advent calendar begins on the 29th of November and always falls on a Sunday. As soon as Advent comes in, the windows Norwegians lit 4 candles (one for each Sunday) and every Sunday a new candle is lit. It used to be pink and three purple candles. Although nowadays are more and more white and red candles as the main colors of the Norwegian flag.

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Some folks decorate their home interiors with purple highlights as well. A fast and easy way to do this is to use pillow covers as focus points, simultaneously adding that purple pop while disguising other colors and patterns. Wreaths, purple ribbons, and other accessories are nice, too.

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It is said that the habit of lighting candles in the windows, appeared due to a short sunny day in winter. Norwegians believe that it sun shines out of the window, not a candle! It is also normal to sing a song or read poems every Sunday after lit a new candle.

At this time towns are beautifully transformed.

Each owner decorates his house with garlands, flowers, and ribbons. In the courtyards lit more lights that banish winter darkness. In downtown lit Christmas trees, open fair, and organizing concerts.

The Nativity scene is displayed without the baby Christ; He will appear there for Christmas. It is exciting that people use purple lights on fur-trees and only when Christmas coming, people use a red light, which symbolizes the holiday.

Important to eat proper food at this time. Norwegians are very traditional and decided to abstain from the exotic and exquisite products. You can found common food: dried fish (clipfisk), potatoes, turnips, peas. A “queen of the table” is specially processed fish cod — lutefisk. Bake sweet bread in the shape of a wreath, which is decorated with candles.

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Uniktur invites you to feel wonderful Christmas time in our country and enjoy the atmosphere and the unique traditions of Norway.

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