Golf in Norway is affordable for everybody!

For comparison: the game on European Golf courses costs from 60 Euro/person, in the USA — from $ 100. At the same time, prices are limited to the number of hours or holes (9 or 18).

Welcome to the Norwegian golf clubs!

Look at these prices.
From 20 euros / person — at least the whole day, without the restrictions of hours and holes, while access to the training area is free, a bucket of balls — 2 euros (from 4 euros in Europe).

Therefore golf in Norway is very popular. In total there are 132 golf clubs, 5 around Aalesund.

The courses Møre og Romsdal district are placed in a miracle surrounding — giant mountings facing directly towards the narrow picturesque fjords. In Åndalsnes Rauma Golf club you find golf below the steep mountains by the Trolls Wall. In Ålesund the course has a direct view to the fjords and Sunnmore Alpines Mountains.

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By the way, it’s not only on the green you can spot an “Eagle”. Look up at the sky, and you might see a white-tailed eagle cruising through the wisps of cloud. Our courses are surrounded by teeming animal life. You may just have to put alongside an elk or an otter, sometimes a seal can wave to you from the fjord.

Why is it so cheap? What secret? 

Dugnad — if someone, for some reason, cannot pay for membership in the club — man can work out a mandatory number of hours to maintain the improvement of fields. Pensioners and students are using this opportunity with great enthusiasm.

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Such free voluntary participation significantly reduces the cost of wages for these types of services, which means that membership in the club becomes more accessible. Cheap rates, in turn, attract more players to Golf club.

For old people, this is a good opportunity for broad communication. Children and students happily run on the field, saving pocket money for traveling.

Golf Uniktur

That’s all unik- secrets.