Christmas week in Norway.

The week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve we call — RomjulThis week also calls as Julefred — «Christmas Peace«, when hunting, but not fishing, is prohibited on these days. First and Second Day of Christmas (December 25 and 26) are holidays, and all businesses are closed.

On the First Christmas Day, 25th of December most families have a big brunch at noon or dinner in the afternoon. People invite their friends and loved ones to have the meal with them. Cakes and cookies are relished together and everyone is wished God Jul!(Merry Christmas). Different nuts, fruits, figs, dates, and sweets also belong to the celebration.

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The traditional dish for Christmas second day is Lutefisk – Cod prepared with Lye. This strange dish was invented by mistake: someone added lye (caustic soda) instead of salt, and after 3 days of marinating, was founded the new recipe. Norwegian serve Lutefisk with potato, pees stew and beckon.     

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For children, Christmas is a time for gifts and goodies from «Julenissen» (Santa Claus), who is said to reward all good kids for their nice actions and behavior all through the year. But presents are not to be expected only during this time as in «Romjulen«, the days between Christmas and New Years Eve, Norwegian children often go from house to house in the afternoon asking for sweets. This tradition is known as «Julebukk» or «Christmas buck» and was very popular in the Viking era when pagans worshipped Thor and his goat.

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By the end of the Middle Ages, the custom was forbidden by the Church and the state. Though the tradition has made a comeback in recent decades, just a few children keep up the tradition today.

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