Julaften — Norwegian Christmas Eve.

For the most Norwegians, the main celebration of Christmas is on 24 December (Christmas Eve). Traditionally, this is a day to be spent in the company of family members. In the afternoon, church bells ring to beckon people to the church services. Many people attend these religious services. At five p.m., church bells toll to announce the beginning of Christmas. In some families, there is a custom of reading a Christmas story from Luke 2 from an old family Bible.

Norway church/Uniktur

Traditional drinks are beer and aquavit for adults. Aquavit is a Norwegian liquor with a secret spice recipe and distinct flavour. The Nordic spirit is matured in Oloroso sherry casks, sent on a sea journey, around the equator.

akevitt Uniktur

and «julebrus» (a sweet red fizzy drink made especially during Christmastime) for children. A favorite Christmas dessert is rice blended with whipped cream served with a red sauce.

Norway, traditions/Uniktur

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